The success story of an Internet pioneer that will inspire you

The success story of an Internet pioneer that will inspire you

The famous game of the 1970s called Pong, was the trigger of the passion of a genius called Stéphane Portha. When he was only six, in addition to playing the game, he sought to understand everything about it, not necessarily thinking of creating himself something so fun.

Today at the dawn of his fifties, the curious child of six still lives in him and pushes him to innovate every day. While working on video games, he also discovered a passion for the internet. Combining his passions, he is today a name that weighs in the digital world in France, Europe and worldwide.

Young creator

Having found the path, he wants to follow and make of his life, he began to work while still very young. At the age of14, he managed to make on his own and market his own game.

That was the game he called Tank and he set it up with old machines like the Sharp PC-1211. A game that proved to be a success at that time regardless the little means that he could use to create it. Among the characteristics of this game, we can mention, for example:

  • The fluidity of the gameplay,
  • The very entertaining character of the game,
  • The possibility of playing it with a partner.

His bright success attracted more than one. Thus, Minitel, the only information dissemination system of this decade, contacted him to collaborate with them. For Stéphane that was a dream coming true.

The beginning of the dream

With his entry into the field, Stéphane Portha quickly evolved and climbed the steps to become very strong in the world of games. He also fully discovered a passion for networks and internet.

After Minitel, he went through several big French and international names to acquire more experience and share his expertise. For example, his career as manager of Neogeo or assistant-manager of the company

By combining his new achievements and his passions, he soon realized that he would need more than working for any company to reach the top. Therefore, it was logical that he launched alone and created his own company. Then in 1989 was born Eurocenter, his baby that would allow him to become a big name in the world.

Propulsion with GraalOnline

The first success of his company came quickly with the game GraalOnline. One of the first at the time to offer a multi-player option while combining technical details of excellent quality.

Driven by this, Stephane Portha quickly knew that focusing on video games was the key to achieving all he had dreamed of. Thus, he renamed Eurocenter into Eurocenter Games. A name that marks not only his passion for games but also what he wants to do in his career. And as video games are constantly evolving, Stéphane Portha has also decided to update GraalOnline and to create other derivatives of the game such as

  • GraalOnline Zone which is one of the first mobile games available on the Ios Smartphone platform.
  • GraalOnline Classical + which is a Medieval game of creating your own realm and managing it
  • Era +, a more urban and modern game that involves administering your criminal empire.